Trulife Breast Forms


Sublime Arís offers all the outstanding features of the original Sublime, with the following modifications:

* Thinner skin-like outer layer for a delicate soft feel

* Fuller projection

*Extra soft middle layer to mimic the movement of natural breast tissue

*Smaller base for an enhanced fit

*A subtle, hand embossed integrated nipple and areola

*New engraved bow on the back

SUBLIME - Lightweight New!

The most soothing and softest fit imaginable. 

Feeling is believing. 

*Incredibly soft triple layer design for more natural feel and movement

*Beautiful natural shape and drape will complement your silhouette

*Advanced fan shaped design for enhanced cooling and breathability

*Finest tapered edges for a seamless and intimate fit

*Discreet integrated nipple and areola design for a more natural feminine look

*Lightest, most comfortable breast form available


Full-coverage of soft TruCool Gel provides maximum contact and delivers an advanced cooling effect while WAVE technology promotes air circulation between the chest wall and breast form.

*Lightweight silicone and silky-soft skin for additional comfort

*Helps reduce temperature around the chest wall by several degrees

*Cooling properties regenerate themselves once the breast form is removed from the chest wall

*Each breast form includes a removable COOLMAX® breast form cover

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