Silima Breast Forms


- Up to 60% lighter than traditional silicone gel
- Unique ring structure ensures stability yet allows natural movement
- Deep hollowing out  prevents contact with sensitive scar tissue
- Bottom edge finish ensures  good air circulation
- When worn in water drainage is effortlessly acheived
- Specially recommended for patients with lymphoedema
- Also suitable for patients after conservative surgery resulting in tissue loss


Patent protected three layer design for enhanced comfort.
- Up to 30% lighter than traditional silicone gel
- Lightweight silicone core naturally soft cup and silky soft inner layer
- Ideally suited when sensitive scar tissue is present
- Mimics the natural breast
- Adapts to the body curvature without exerting pressure
- Adapts to all body movements wether standing, sitting or lying
- Softly rounded symmetrical form


Self Adhesive Shell for the restoration of body image
- Can be more securely fixed to the body using the new one piece  adhesive strip
- Can be reactivated by a simple cleaning procedure
- Very versatile symetrical form
- Resembles natrual skin colour
- The flat  edges create a natrual transition
- Can be held in place by a well fitting bra

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