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Match your bra to your activity

Whether it’s your New Year’s resolution or a long-term commitment to staying active, you need to wear the right mastectomy sports bra. Amoena’s got you covered.

Match Your Bra to Activity

Amoena sports bras come in three support levels:

Low Impact Medium Impact High Impact

walking cycling running
yoga moderate hiking aerobics
weights surfing tennis

Sports Bra for Running

For high-intensity workouts (running, volleyball, tennis, mountain biking), you want the fully supportive fit of a bra with straps that adjust in front and back and a wide bottom band, to keep it snug against your body.

You want the fully supportive fit of a bra with adjustable straps and a wide bottom band, to keep it snug against your body.

Sports Bra for Every Day

For most workouts, a medium-support bra supports you fully while being flexible enough to slow down. In your dance class or on your bike, you’ll love your Medium Support Sports Bras.

Front Fastening Racerback Bra

Prefer a front-closure racer-back? The Zipper Bra lets your arms move while you workout, is easy to fasten and looks great under all your racer-back tops.

Lower-impact activities (hiking, kayaking, Pilates) require lighter support. Separation and support are important, and with mesh panels for breathability, exercise feels easy.

The Performance Sports bra is a classic, and the Ester Front-Closure gives you another great option.

Sports Bra for Yoga

Gentle cardio and stretching (like yoga, walking, Tai Chi) benefit your heart and muscles without straining your joints.

For these, a top with a softer bra built-in provides enough support and isn’t restrictive. Tank tops allow your arms to move freely.

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