Amoena Breast Forms

Energy Light Breast Forms

  • Unique Comfort+ temperature-regulating technology

  • Reduces perspiration when temperature rises

  • Helps provide all-day comfort

Aqua Wave Swim Breast Form

  • Swim prosthesis made from a clear silicone which is water-resistant and dries quickly

  • Versatile new shape gives a great outline in all sizes

  • Lightweight breast form designed for swimming

  • Supplied with a handy waterproof bag

Purfit Adjustable Breast Enhancer

  • The Amoena PurFit is designed to provide shape and symmetry during the tissue expansion process after reconstruction

  • As the expansion process takes place volume is adjustable to match a women's existing breast or desired size by adding or removing fiberfill

  • Hygienic & gentle

  • Comfortable & caring

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